Who We Are

The sole mission of the Arizona Capital Representation Project (“Project”) is to improve the quality of representation afforded to capital defendants in Arizona. The Project is the only legal aid organization in Arizona assisting capital defendants at all legal stages (from pretrial through clemency), as well as providing direct, often pro bono, legal representation to Arizona death row inmates in their state and federal appeals.

Since 1989, the Project has provided assistance in some form to most inmates on Arizona’s death row and has directly represented dozens of death-sentenced prisoners. The Project provides free consulting (including client relations, issue identification, legal research, drafting pleadings, developing and distributing general legal materials, hosting moot courts in preparation for oral arguments, and referring appropriate expert assistance) to capital defendants and their lawyers. In addition, the Project hosts free legal training seminars, which provide capital defense lawyers with the education and tools necessary for competent representation. The Project also provides community education about Arizona’s death penalty.

The Project is not funded by the state or federal government and is dependent largely on private grants and donations to maintain its critical work. The Project is a 501(c)(3) organization, so donations to the Project may be tax-deductible.


  • Amy Armstrong, Director/Staff Counsel
  • Emily Skinner, Assistant Director/Staff Counsel
  • Sam Kooistra, Staff Counsel
  • Kirsty Davis, Staff Counsel
  • Holly Clifton, Investigator/Mitigator
  • Lizzet Valentin-Quiterio, Office Manager/Legal Assistant
  • Evan Davis, Paralegal/Case Manager

Resource Counsel

  • Jennifer Bedier
  • Julie S. Hall

Board of Directors

  • John Canby, President
  • Andrew Silverman, Vice President
  • Robert Bartels, Secretary
  • Josh Grabel, Treasurer
  • Rubin Salter
  • Todd Jackson
  • Robert Feinberg
  • Raquel Centeno-Fequiere
  • Matthew Stanford
  • Colin Proksel
  • Larry Hammond, Founder/Honorary Board Member
  • Denise Young, Honorary Board Member
  • Thomas Zlaket, Honorary Board Member